97% of staff want to carry on working from home – do you have the communications platform in place to enable it?

Whether you are reading this in a log cabin installed in your back garden, a home office on the kitchen table, in your car or even at company headquarters, there is no doubt that we have all become used to new ways of working.

The question is: does your business have the nimble communications system to thrive in this new environment?

It seems the working-from-home (WFH) trend accelerated by coronavirus is here to stay. A remarkable 97% of employees currently WFH want to keep doing so even when offices re-open, according to a survey. While only 9% prefer to work from home full-time, 88% would opt for a 50-50 model of some days in the office, some at home, the study led by the Open University found[1].

This follows hot on the heels of the Nationwide Building Society announcing[2] it will allow all 13,000 of its office employees (excluding branch staff) to work remotely permanently when Covid-19 restrictions are eased, saying they can work from anywhere in the UK, as it “puts them in control of how they balance their work and home lives”. Likewise, tech giants Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter have all offered staff the option of WFH full time.

In fact investment bank Goldman Sachs seems to be out on a limb with its injunction that all staff must prepare to return to the office full time, with its chief executive calling WFH an “aberration.” “It’s not a new normal. It’s an aberration that we’re going to correct as soon as possible,” David Solomon said[3].

Connected and productive

Whatever you believe the right balance is, and however much you and your staff are likely to be in or out of the office in the months and years ahead, one thing remains essential – you need a robust, seamless and cloud-based telecoms system that works on all devices and allows your people to be as connected and productive as possible.

Which is where LingoGo from Marston’s Telecoms comes in. It provides all businesses with the flexibility to deal with mobile and remote working without interruption.

In the old days (pre-March 2020, that is) calls would come into your office and your employees would pick up the phone at their desk.

With LingoGo’s desk and soft-phone capability, your staff can take and make calls wherever they are and on any device: be that the account manager in the office, the sales team on the road or the creatives working from their spare room at home. Every customer and supplier who calls your business reaches your people easily.

Confidently navigate the world of mobile working

LingoGo is a secure, cloud-based business communications platform that gives your company the agility and confidence to navigate the world of mobile working whilst maintaining outstanding levels of service, no matter where your team or your customers are located.

Additional features include instant messaging so staff can chat to keep up the pace of any project; video conferencing for online meetings so they can collaborate as effectively as possible; and a receptionist/attendant interface to welcome visitors and direct their calls to the right people.

To find out all LingoGo can do for your business, contact the Marston’s Telecoms team today. We’ve been trusted for our technology expertise for 12 years. Contact the Marston’s Telecoms team today by calling 01902 283 300 or emailing sales@marstonstelecoms.com.