More people satisfied with WiFi on public transport than in sports clubs, survey finds

Beautiful surroundings, perfect greens, a welcoming 19th hole and a great Golf pro.

They still are the ingredients of a successful golf club that players clamour to join and where they are proud to bring their guests.

Now there is one more essential item on the list.

Seamless connectivity.

Because golf clubs are finding that woeful WiFi, sluggish broadband and poor internet security are losing them business.

Staying connected

Today members and their guests expect to be able to stay connected at the far reaches of the course, and to be able to stream content smoothly no matter how many others are using the broadband.

Unfortunately many golf clubs do not live up to those expectations.

In fact, according to a recent survey by Marston’s Telecoms, people think the WiFi is better on public transport than in sports clubs!

Only 38% are satisfied with WiFi in sports clubs, compared to 41% on public transport.

Yet installing better tech is not only easy, it has business benefits that make it cost-effective.

Business benefits

These include:

  • Improving member and guest experience and increasing dwell time: powerful broadband and extended WiFi are proven to make customers stay longer.
  • Increased spend: with an online food and drink ordering portal, members and guests can order refreshments ready for the end of their game. Such quick, easy ordering encourages customers to spend more.
  • Fast fibre connectivity and enhanced security: to streamline business operations for your staff, from ePos to your CCTV.
  • Reduced phone costs and the ability to stay in touch with members and guests on the go: thanks to feature-full Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems.

Today’s tech can offer your members and guests even more reasons to keep coming back, and futureproof your golf club for tomorrow’s digital demands.

Driving profitability

With up to 1GB superfast fibre optic internet, your own-branded WiFi customer portal (so that not only can your members and guests get speedily online, but you can collect their contact details for marketing promotions), and online food and drink ordering such as with Marston’s Telecoms Pints N’ Bites portal, you can provide the connectivity that transforms customer experience and drives profitability.

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of a team of hospitality tech specialists managing over 1,000 clubs, pubs, hotels and restaurants throughout the UK.

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