What are the 3 things for hospitality businesses to consider when reopening?

3 things for hospitality businesses to consider when reopening

Your customers are back, but are they enjoying your service as much as they could?

Expectations of the technology in pubs, restaurants and cafes is always growing and many people have become more tech savvy over lockdown. So you’ll need to give your customers a seamless experience of table ordering, and make sure they can get a great WiFi signal to use their phones and mobile devices – even if they’re at the bottom of your garden.

Can you count on your WiFi and broadband being up to the job?

Your WiFi needs to stretch to the whole of your outdoor space, and your broadband needs to be robust enough to withstand the influx of customers who haven’t been able to go out for a drink or a meal for more than three months.

Bad or no WiFi is a key factor in reduced spend in pubs, restaurants, hotels and cafes, while strong WiFi coupled with an easy-to-use table ordering app leads to increased customer dwell time and higher order values.


Here are 3 things to consider:

  1. Connectivity is crucial to today’s pub, bar, restaurant and café experience – all the more so over the next few weeks as customers will want to blitz their social media feeds with photos and stories of themselves enjoying those long-awaited pints or glasses of Prosecco and the food to go with them. Marston’s Telecoms WiFi and broadband managed services are the answer for venues of any size.

  2. Customers can only order at their table rather than queueing at the bar under current Covid-19 restrictions, so the process will have to be super-smooth. A portal such as Pints N’ Bites lets customers place their orders easily and speeds those orders instantly to the bar or kitchen. Not only is the portal a quick, secure way to order, but ease of use encourages customers to reorder and add extra items as often as they like. This could increase sales by as much as 17%.

  3. Families spend longer at pubs and restaurants with good free WiFi because it means children can entertain themselves with a device (or practise their times tables on a maths app, if parents prefer!) while the adults relax and chat. You will want to make your customers’ new-found freedom as enjoyable as possible to keep them coming back, and your venue will benefit from increased spend per head.

Streamlined WiFi, broadband and Pints N’ Bites from Marston’s Telecoms bring you more business benefits too.

More business benefits with Pints N’ Bites

Our Pints N’ Bites food and drink ordering portal allows you to collect customer details so you can offer them tailored promotions, upsell (an extra-large jug of Sangria for your Rule of Six group, anyone?) and increase lifetime value through targeted marketing.

So as you polish your glasses, print off your menus (and probably install your new outdoor heaters, knowing the British weather), make sure your tech is ready too.

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