The Grosvenor Case Study

Grosvenor Case Study

Marston’s Telecoms specialise in offering custom E-pub and E-hospitality services, providing sites with superfast broadband, on or offsite telephony solutions, filtered guest Wi-Fi as well as E-POS and CCTV solutions. As Marston’s Telecoms originated from Marston’s Plc, the company has a unique understanding of the hospitality industry in the 21st Century and have quickly become trusted experts throughout the UK.


The Grosvenor had recently changed ownership, but the new proprietors had not been given the necessary information to maintain the ageing IT system. After an unfruitful conversation with the incumbent provider, the owners had reached out to find a way to remove the old, complicated system and install a new, simple solution without affecting the day-today running of the business.

Marston’s Telecoms Solution

Marston’s offered a comprehensive solution including removal of the old system and installation of a new IT and phone system. The Grosvenor’s main requirement was for Marston’s to a provide Superfast Wi-Fi solution for guests that would be future-proof and easy to maintain as well as limit any damage to the property during the change-over. Personal phones were given to staff and landlines were installed on each residential floor to ensure patrons always had the ability to speak to a member of staff, if needed. As hotels are 24-hour businesses that may need support day or night, Marston’s provided 24-hour telephone support until the upgrade was completed to ensure that there was no downtime or delays to the client’s services.

The Result

The customer was more than impressed with Marston’s products and “fantastic service” including; high-speed Wi-Fi, friendly and polite support staff, having single point of contact for any issues and the fact that they were “presented with solutions rather than problems.” It also meant that, during a very stressful change-over period, the client has been able to set aside any IT related worries and focus on other tasks therefore improving the client’s productivity.

Key Benefits

  • One point of contact – not having to deal with different ‘teams’ within company
  • Stress-free
  • Future Proof
  • High-quality Support