The Benefits of E-Pub Technology

People drinking in pub

Ever since they were known as Public Houses, Pubs have been meeting places designed for people to relax and connect in a comfortable space. Methods of connection have certainly evolved since then, but in our modern era, many pubs are still lagging. By not offering free and fast Wi-Fi, you’re ignoring a service that customers have come to expect whilst missing out on a range of tools you can maximise to push your business forward.

Make the Most of a First Impression

As the adage goes; “you only get once chance to make a first impression”. Digital signage is becoming more common, even inside establishments to advertise new products. So, ask yourself; Do you make the most of your signage? Is there anything you could do to make it more eye-catching? Something as simple as advertising your free Wi-Fi outside the entrance and having the password in a large format for all to see inside can help drive feet through the door.

Do you need a couple of extra AV screens to make sure your customers don’t feel like sardines trying to watch the Big Game? What about when the Big Game is not on? Could you use them more efficiently by advertising your Happy Hour offers?

Extend Customer Relationships

Superfast Wi-Fi is a service that customers now expect from a pub. Though most of us have large cellular data allowances that can easily last the month, many patrons will still connect to Wi-Fi for speed and reliability. An unwavering Wi-Fi network will keep customers engaged and therefore more likely to stay longer and spend more. This also increases the probability of the customer promoting the business; your customers geo-tagging themselves on Facebook or posting a photo to Instagram is just as valuable as one of your patrons mentioning a positive experience to a friend – it’s their stamp of approval and free promotion!

Know your Customers

Robust E-Pub solutions give you the opportunity to know your customers on a more personal level. Ever wondered what areas of your site are more popular and when? Which dishes/drinks are always in demand? The answers for all these can help identify cost reductions thus enhance productivity and improve efficiency. All through fostering a connection from when they logged-on to your Wi-Fi network.

Once you have connected, touch base with updates, competitions and offers to keep them engaged and increase the likelihood they will become returning customers. You could even distribute a survey to find what customers find most appealing and drive a campaign from that customer feedback, so you know it is targeted to the right audience.

Maintain Moral

Peak times can cause havoc for staff and EPOS systems are only as reliable as their connection. Picture the scene (we’ve all been there) – Queues of people all wanting to pay/order and a slow system stresses staff and damages the customer experience. Whether it’s down time or just peak demand, the right solution can prevent long queues; waiting for card data, entering orders, finding allergen info etc.

Gaming is moving in to the 21st century too. Slots, pool and jukeboxes are all still a vital part of the Hospitality Ecosystem but as societies move to cashless services and the proclivity of contactless payments increases; making sure those systems evolve, whilst maintaining the highest levels of privacy and security for your customers and the business, is a must.

Safe and Secure Data

Speaking of data security, your management and accountancy teams will also be pleased; less chance of outages or errors means your managers will have reliable, accurate data to analyse trends and adjust budgets. Now that your data is secure, what about the site? Adding a CCTV and video security solution, with automatic alerts, into the fold can help provide piece-of-mind. Should the worst happen and your site is targeted, whatever solution you use should have automatic detection/notification as a minimum, so that you are instantly informed and can deal with the issue accordingly.

These suggestions all combine to create a ‘sticky’ customer experience that will help make your business grow, self-promote and, most importantly, succeed! Our E-Pub and E-Hospitality packages are aimed at supporting your business whatever the requirement. All are available with our no obligation consultation and planning service, installation, plus support and training to ensure that you get the best return from your investment.

If you’d like to learn more about The Future of E-Pub & E-Hospitality and how to improve your services, download our guide here.