Managed gaming network solutions

The Marston’s Telecoms gaming network provides a managed, secure connection to any UK public house or gaming premises, providing a pathway for data retrieval and management. This includes new game downloads, real time content management, fraud monitoring and PCI compliant cash transactions.

Connect Privately and Securely
Marston’s Telecoms’ dedicated broadband line is private and does not form part of the typical public network. Multiple gaming and entertainment machines are connected via our specially developed, highly encrypted, wireless interface, which is only available on our network and is capable of connecting AWP, SWP, pool, jukeboxes and any other compliant machine in just a click!
Installation is easy via the self-configuring interface, making connection or service swap-outs very straightforward and quick to validate before leaving site.

Data, the bigger the better!
The network provides retailers, operators, manufacturers and game developers access to their own data via our secure cloud to facilitate content management on each site and game development. We are also able to provide anonymous, confidential “Big Data” reports to any participating party, which is an invaluable tool in game development in any market.

Have an App, Be API!
The reliability and security of the network provides a vehicle for the delivery of cashless transactions; cash in, ticket out transactions and self-collection and weekly cash reconciliation via any App or API. In a marketplace where cash in society is diminishing, these new, secure payment and settlement methods need to be made available.
Marston’s Telecoms brings the UK gaming market to life by facilitating access to these new cost saving procedures, real-time play data and importantly it creates a direct link with the player.


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