It takes more than a comfortable bed to get a five-star review

Marston’s Telecoms have been serving the hospitality industry since 2008 and we always value understanding what it is that customers really want. In a recent nationwide survey we asked hotel guests whether their connectivity expectations are being met and how Wi-Fi influences their behaviour and satisfaction.

The good news is that hotels rank highest in the hospitality sector for customer satisfaction with Wi-Fi. Despite beating pubs, restaurants and cafes to the top spot, the overall satisfaction rate is alarmingly low at just 23%.

The survey results clearly show that the customer need is strong :

  • 8 out of 10 guests expect there to be free Wi-Fi
  • Only 7% of guests will not connect to the internet overnight
  • 43% connect two or more devices while away from home

Improving Wi-Fi connectivity will not just improve your chance of a five star review, it is also likely to add to your bottom line, guests told us that with free Wi-Fi:

  • 43% are more likely to return to a venue
  • 1 in 3 customers order more 
  • 44% enjoy the venue more

Improve your connectivity to increase your customers’ satisfaction and your profits. To see the hotel survey results click here.

We can’t help with extra towels or chocolates on pillows but we can improve your connectivity.

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