Is your technology giving you good value for money? Book your FREE tech-check today

With a 30-minute Marston’s Telecoms tech-check you can find out if your existing tech set up is value for money today – and good enough to keep your customers happy tomorrow. 

We will look at your bills, review your needs and almost always save you money. We’ve recently saved one hospitality venue 60% and another 40% on their annual telecoms costs. 

Our 5-point checklist

Register for a tech-check and we will:

  • Review your existing tech set up 
  • Understand your current and future requirements 
  • Analyse what you are spending 
  • Evaluate whether you are getting good value for money 
  • Recommend solutions to future proof your business. 

It will take us just five minutes to look at your broadband bills and evaluate whether you are getting a good or bad deal. But we don’t stop there. We will talk through what your tech needs to achieve – from taking payments to providing robust-enough WiFi for all your guests to be online at once. 

Unrivalled understanding  

With Marston’s Telecoms you benefit from the knowledge and experience of a team of hospitality tech specialists currently managing over 1,000 pubs, hotels and restaurants throughout the UK. 

We have been serving Marston’s plc, a £1 billion business, since 2008 and as the only UK telecoms/technology company owned by a major pub company our team of UK-based experts have unrivalled understanding of best practice in the hospitality sector. 

David Ryder, Telecoms Accounts Relationship Manager, says: “We will give you an honest appraisal, never a hard sell. In the last three years only a tiny handful of venues have not taken some benefit from a free, no-obligation Marston’s Telecoms tech-check.” 

Delivering great service  

Every solution we recommend has been through months of rigorous testing and trial sites, and we promise never to talk tech jargon. Instead of mind-bending acronyms, we will talk you through practical ways of improving your business operations and delivering great service to your customers. 

Our suggestions will be bespoke to your premises because we never work to a one-size-fits-all template. If we know a great solution that works brilliantly with venues like yours we’ll offer it. But if you want something we’ve never tried before, we’ll go and find a way to make it work. 

Future proof your business  

Book a free tech-check today and we will advise you on how to work smarter with your telecoms and tech. You may simply want to save money with a better contract more suited to your venue.  

Or you may also want to future proof your business so you are ready for whatever tech capability your customers expect in the months and years ahead. We can advise on trends and innovations in the hospitality market so you know what is coming down the track. 

You can look forward to happier staff, happy customers, fewer headaches and the confidence that you are ahead of the competition. 

Book a free no-obligation Marston’s Telecoms tech-check today.