Is your business ready for the PSTN switch-off in 2025?

Does PSTN mean anything to you?

If the answer is Yes, you are ahead of the curve for probably the biggest change the telecoms industry has ever seen.

If the answer is No, you still have time to prepare your business and reap the benefits.

In fact once you learn more, there is every chance you will want to get going sooner rather than later.

What’s the big deal?

In 2025 BT Openreach will switch-off all traditional copper telephone lines

In technical terms it is known as the PSTN switch-off (PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network), in favour of IP (Internet Protocol).

Every phone call, ePOS machine and CCTV system that currently uses copper cables will need to use the internet instead. The same goes for alarms, door entry systems and faxes that operate via the old network.

It is a massive move from analogue to digital communications, and it affects everybody.

Why is the PSTN switch-off happening?

PSTN is no longer fit for purpose. It may have been the backbone of the UK’s phone network for decades but some of the copper cables buried beneath our homes and offices have been there since the 19th century.

With the escalating use of smartphones, video conferencing, apps, the Cloud and the Internet of Things, everyone is demanding greater speed and bandwidth than traditional technologies were designed to deliver.

And whether your business is ready or not, the PSTN switch-off is happening in 2025.

What you need to do

Well before then your business will need to identify everything using the old network (phones, ePOS, alarms etc.), then move over to a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) cloud-based system.

In the words of BT Openreach: “The move to all-digital isn’t just because the old phone system is, well, old. It’s because all-digital communications are so much better.”

An example is LingoGo the secure ‘mobile-first’ cloud-based phone, messaging and video conferencing solution from Marston’s Telecoms. It is a faster and more flexible business communication system that allows your business to:

  • make, take and transfer calls across mobile, desk and softphone devices
  • collaborate seamlessly whether using voice, video or messaging communication
  • enable staff to work from anywhere, at anytime and on any device
  • offer faultless customer service by automatically receiving, triaging and distributing inbound calls
  • deploy a receptionist/attendant service to welcome visitors with professionalism, provide promotional messages if appropriate and/or quickly direct calls to an available member of staff.
  • add or remove users in seconds through an intuitive and easy to use cloud-based interface
  • save money, as IP can bring lower costs.

Why it makes sense to act now

Yes, 2025 is a few years away, but there could be a lot to do in reviewing all your systems … and why wait for benefits that your business could be enjoying now? 

It also makes sense to review your connectivity at the same time. Your business will need high-quality internet connectivity, with resilient, high bandwidth. This will be essential to make the most of your new cloud-base business communication system – for crystal-clear voice calls, silky-smooth video conferencing and real-time collaboration.

Marston’s Telecoms can advise on robust broadband connectivity that can rise to this challenge. Not just to see you past 2025, but into the future too.

To prime your business for the PSTN switch-off, contact the Marston’s Telecoms team today. We’ve been trusted for our technology expertise for 12 years.