Is poor technology putting your customers off?

How is your reopening going? 

There is every chance you had happy punters flooding back to your outdoor spaces, delighted to be able to spend time with friends again and lapping up the sunshine along with your great food and drink.  

But will they all be back? 

The answer may be disappointing if your tech was a turn off. If you don’t have extended Wi-Fi that reaches the end of the garden, robust broadband able to handle all the traffic and a table-service web portal that streamlines orders and payments, their experience may have been more frustrating than fun.  

Higher order values 

On the other hand, a great tech experience with quick and easy ordering, plenty of broadband for the children to stream a movie while the adults chat, and reliable Wi-Fi wherever your customers are sitting, leads to increased dwell time and higher order values.  

As the days get longer and the evenings warmer, there will be more incentive for drinkers and diners to stay outdoors later and your outside areas need to be up to the task. And when you reopen indoors from May 17, your customers will be expecting seamless tech inside too. 

So, if you want your clientele to keep coming back to your pub, café, restaurant or hotel, it’s probably time you took the opportunity to upgrade your technology connectivity. 

In today’s hyper-competitive hospitality environment, you can’t afford to fall behind. 

Multiply sales 

Marston’s Telecoms can transform your technology from a barrier to business into an opportunity to multiply sales. 

You can reap all the benefits of our high-performance extended WiFi and broadband managed services, as well as our popular Pints N’ Bites web ordering portal. 

With Pints N’ Bites your customers can order rapidly, securely and Covid safely from their table, with those orders arriving instantly in the kitchen or at the bar. You can operate more efficiently, potentially reduce your staffing costs and free up staff to focus on pouring and delivering drinks and food. 

Some venues have seen sales increase by up to 17% as it is so easy for customers to add extra items to their order and reorder whenever they like.  

Make it personal 

You can also tap into the lucrative trend for personalisation. You can upload and customise your entire menu (or we can do it for you), including ingredients and allergens/dietary information, drinks by size, with or without ice, peppercorns, grapefruit or whatever you offer. Customers can tailor and customise drinks and dishes as much as you want them to.  

Pints N’ Bites is also your route to winning their loyalty through personalised promotions. You can collect customer details then use targeted marketing to offer them special deals, upsell and increase lifetime value. 

From riverside pubs in the depths of the countryside to city-centre brasseries with tables stretching the length of the pavement, from boutique hotels to national chains, a full suite of managed services from Marston’s Telecoms is ready for venues of any size.  

Contact the Marston’s Telecoms team today by calling 01902 283 300 or emailing’ve been trusted for our technology expertise for over 12 years.