How to increase customer spend by 30%

Customer experience has to be outstanding to attract guests, turn them into regulars and increase revenue – and Marston’s Telecoms’ new collaboration with at-table ordering platform me&u helps venues do just that.

We chose me&u because the app has been built specifically for pubs and bars. Created for hospitality venues by hospitality experts, it integrates seamlessly with existing POS for impressive benefits:

  • Venues have increased customer spend by 30% with me&u
  • 1 in 4 guests stay in venue for another round
  • Guests have rated me&u 4.7/5 stars
  • Tips for hospitality staff increased by 672% year on year through me&u.

Over 10 million customers have already used me&u around the world, and the company processes 1 order every 2 seconds.

We are therefore partnering with a platform that knows what the sector needs and is a great fit for our clients.

me&u launched in Australia in 2017, expanded into the UK and will benefit from Marston’s Telecoms’ unrivalled knowledge of the UK landscape and deep relationships across hospitality.

We are already providing the technology for the venue of the future, and have carried out our own research proving that 30% of guests order more when using an at-table app, 38% enjoy the venue more and 39% are more likely to return.

Marston’s Telecoms’ focus on the pub of the future goes hand in hand with our priorities. The partnership aligns us with a core group within the UK and gives Marston’s Telecoms a strategic partner for their order-and-pay platform. It is a really good collaboration.

Katie Fenn, Head of Sales UK, me&u

How will Marston’s Telecoms clients benefit from me&u?

me&u improves customer experience and increases sales, so both guests and venues benefit. The connectivity it provides empowers businesses at scale.

It takes less than a minute to order and pay for food and drinks with me&u, saving guests time from standing in line at the bar.

Visual menus with pristine images of every dish and bespoke branding for each venue are just the start of providing an amazing customer experience and optimising every opportunity to boost revenue.

It is highly personalised:

  • vegan customers see a unique menu customised to their needs, for example
  • data-driven suggestions (“Add sweet potato fries?”) based on each customer’s past preferences allow guests to order more of what they like and venues to upsell – in an intelligent, unintrusive manner
  • food and drink pairings make ordering easy and increase sales, such as steak paired with Merlot
  • featured products get top placement on the menu – perfect if the venue is a brewery, partners with a major gin brand, has time-limited sponsorship deals, or is pushing a particular “hero dish”.

All are proven to increase sales.

Working smarter

Working with me&u means working smarter, giving staff more time to greet and engage with guests, and focusing labour where it is needed most – preparing and serving great food and drinks.

Feedback from staff is very positive and guests like the warm welcome from hosts, partnered with  the ease and personalisation of ordering through me&u.

The app will have bespoke elements for each venue to best suit needs, and venues have daily control of what and how products are featured.

Digital is now part of the DNA of hospitality as much as great food and drink, superb service and a carefully curated ambience.

Tony Ford, Managing Director of Marston’s Telecoms

Times have changed and venues are moving on. Are you?

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