Hospitality of the future – how advances in technology can be used to drive profitability

How is your reopening going? 

Venues need to provide an amazing experience to attract and retain customers, and there is no doubt that the future of hospitality is digital.

Robust broadband and great WiFi are essential for hotels, restaurants and bars wanting to anticipate customer needs, increase spend and drive greater profitability. As Tony Ford, CEO of Marston’s Telecoms, explains: “The internet is now part of the DNA of hospitality as much as great food and drink, superb service and a carefully curated ambience.” 

That digital transformation is coming and you need to be ahead of the game. The future of hospitality is exciting, and offers benefits to both customers and venues. 

7 digital innovations

  1. Their Netflix account is up and running on the TV in their room when they arrive – their personal digital footprint travels with them, home from home. 
  1. An app allows them to see whether a table for lunch will be free in 20 minutes – encouraging them to stay. 
  1. Youngsters can seamlessly stream their videos wherever they are in your venue or throughout your grounds – promoting relaxed adults to book again. 
  1. Coins on the edge of the pool table are replaced with pay by phone and virtual leagues – connecting players across the world. 
  1. Footfall mapping and Epos data reveal how many people are in each part of a venue – how long they linger there, how much they spend and what on. 
  1. A table-ordering portal such as Pints N’ Bites means staff are less about taking orders – and more about hosting customers (and upselling). 
  1. A freshly baked bread and aromatic coffee smell (digitally generated) wafts enticingly through your premises – enhancing your visitors’ experience and increasing dwell time. 

Some hotels, restaurants and bars already have a number of these in place … and those that evolve fastest will be in the best position to thrive.  

Good WiFi can generate a 15% uplift in income. 

The right data to make the right decisions  

By combining data between platforms, you can provide a super-smooth experience that starts before customers arrive and lasts long after they depart. From an easy online booking process, to logging in with an app on arrival to receiving tailored promotions after they have left. 

You have the right data to make the right decisions to drive profit. 

For example, a Hotspot WiFi portal collects customer details, and you can leverage this data to improve your visitors’ experience then generate more revenue by marketing that experience back to them – from craft-ale nights to pizza parties. 

Paradigm shift 

The hospitality of the future facilitated by Marston’s Telecoms is the gateway to experiences that mean a paradigm shift for the sector. 

The question is: how far into the future is this? Five years, three years? Our forward-thinking customers are installing the tech services they need to enable it this summer.  

The future often has a habit of creeping up much faster than we expect  … so can you afford to wait? 

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