Software Defined Network

Marston’s Telecoms SD-WAN allows our customers to move away or add to their existing traditional wide area network like MPLS and use connectivity from multiple service providers, including us, to build one software defined network. This gives the appearance of a single network with all the visibility and control that you would expect from one single service provider.

Our SD-WAN service provides a secure, encrypted software-based method of linking together your multiple sites for intelligent, scalable, resilient routing of user traffic. This is all controlled from a single management portal.

In turn, the managed SD-WAN service can be designed to prioritise your real-time applications (UC, Video etc), critical business systems and revenue generating traffic across the SD-WAN. This provides the ability to monitor, measure and further tune the traffic with the service tools or by adding additional low cost circuits where bandwidth may be required, at any pinch points across your organisation.

Marston’s Telecoms managed SD-WAN service can also bond the bandwidth of multiple internet connections at a single branch to appear as one virtual connection providing the speed and reliability of leased lines at the cost of regular broadband internet connections. These multiple connections can also be provided by 4G LTE giving further resilience, additional fulltime or ad hoc bandwidth when required by your business.

How does SD-WAN work?

Traffic forwarded to your network goes through our SD-WAN server that distributes the data amongst the individual connections (legs) in the bond. At your network sites, the traffic is recombined into the original data stream by a small device connected to the branch’s existing firewall or router.


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