The force that drives your business

Connectivity is no longer just a communications matter; it’s the essential fabric that enables worker productivity and drives customer satisfaction. Delivered correctly, connectivity can propel your business to new heights. Delivered poorly, it can lose your competitive advantage.

Today, businesses of every size have workforces that span not only the UK but the globe who expect first class service and access 24/7.

Businesses are also now composed of not just fixed desk staff, but teams of mobile workers. Many personnel use multiple devices and need to access data or collaborate on documents, on or off your network. Applications and phone systems, known as unified communications, tie together all these business devices and demand the right connectivity solutions.

Deciding on the right connectivity

There are many options in the world of connectivity and Marston’s Telecoms will work with you to ensure you have the optimum solution that will offer the right performance, contention, security and reliability.

With options including ADSL Broadband, FTTC Superfast Broadband, and Fibre Ethernet Leased Line, we can work out the right method of delivery into your business.

When migrating from other suppliers, we will seamlessly transfer numbers and data simultaneously to ensure that there is no break in your business continuity.

In addition, 4G bonding and dynamic failover can be built throughout your network if required, ensuring you benefit from maximum throughput and disaster recovery for your critical data.


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