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It takes more than a comfortable bed to get a five-star review

In a recent nationwide survey we asked hotel guests whether their connectivity expectations are being met and how Wi-Fi influences their behaviour and satisfaction. Read more for the results!


Find out how Marston’s Telecoms carried out a full building walkthrough of the Maynard then provided advice that was tailored to their business and needs.


CASE STUDY: Grosvenor Hotel

Find out how Marston’s Telecoms offered The Grosvenor a comprehensive solution including removal of the old system and installation of a new IT and phone system.


Find out how Marston’s have helped Park Row London with improved WiFi speed, stability and reliability as well as voice phone hardware and a seamless communication system to run their business without a hitch.

More people satisfied with WiFi on public transport than in sports clubs, survey finds

Today golf club members and their guests expect to be able to stay connected at the far reaches of the course, and to be able to stream content smoothly no matter how many others are using the broadband.

CASE STUDY: Dudsbury Golf Club, Hotel & Spa

Marston’s Telecoms provided an instant
solution by installing streamlined, future-proof internet and access points at Dudsbury Golf Club.

CASE STUDY: MBS Equipment Co.

How Marston’s helped MBS Lightning Co. by implementing a fully scalable phone system allowing all users to benefit from LingoGo’s features including collaboration meetings, working from home, 24/7 call coverage and more.

CASE STUDY: The Spotted Dog Pub

In this case study we talk about how we’ve successfully delivered a seamless experience to the Spotted Dog Pub with broadband and access points.

The Broadband Jargon Buster – knowing your gigabit from your FTTP

Do you know your gigabit from your FTTP? With this Jargon Buster, we help you decode the world of broadband.

Fibre broadband explained – how fast is ultrafast?

If you don’t know your FTTP from your ADSL, what fibre broadband is or the difference in internet speed between ultrafast and standard, then this article will go a long way to explaining it all for you!