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You’re back in business and now for the next step – the complete technology solution

If indoor reopening has gone well since 17 May, your hotel, pub or restaurant has taken a crucial step towards post-Covid recovery. The next step, however, is arguably even more important. And that’s not just about your comfortable beds, sourdough pizza or craft ales, it’s being confident you have the complete technology solution your customers expect.

IN THE PRESS – The Megabuyte View: Tough year for pubs plays into Marston’s Telecoms hands

Whilst the past year has seen challenges, COVID-19 has sparked a rapid digital transformation of the economy, with Marston’s Telecoms set to increasingly benefit from this wave.

Is poor technology putting your customers off?

There is every chance you had happy punters flooding back to your outdoor spaces, delighted to be able to spend time with friends again and lapping up the sunshine along with your great food and drink. But can you keep them coming back for more?

97% of staff want to carry on working from home – do you have the communications platform in place to enable it?

Whether you are reading this in a log cabin installed in your back garden, a home office on the kitchen table, in your car or even at company headquarters, there is no doubt that we have all become used to new ways of working.

The question is: does your business have the nimble communications system to thrive in this new environment?

3 things for hospitality businesses to consider when reopening

What are the 3 things for hospitality businesses to consider when reopening?

Your customers are back, but are they enjoying your service as much as they could?

Bad or no WiFi is a key factor in reduced spend in pubs, restaurants and hotels, while strong WiFi coupled with an easy-to-use table ordering app leads to increased customer dwell time and higher order values.