The Maynard Hotel is a fabulous 19th century country house hotel in the heart of the Peak District National Park.

It offers great hospitality, heritage and a warming sense of community in a 19-bedroom setting that is a popular wedding venue and also boasts a gorgeous rural garden. There is a renowned restaurant and The Maynard has played host to celebrities including Sir Paul McCartney. It is a peaceful and relaxing destination but guests also appreciate the contemporary sophistication and they have thoroughly modern expectations when it comes to WiFi, broadband and connectivity. Rob Hattersley, Managing Director, explains.

My whole experience of Marston’s Telecoms has been fantastic and I am more than happy to recommend them to anyone.

Rob Hattersley, Managing Director

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The Challenge

We took over The Maynard in late 2019 and set about a wholesale refurbishment to make it a venue that is really something special. But connectivity was in the dark ages: there was creaking WiFi, no EPOS in the restaurant, the only music was CDs, the phones were on ISDN 1980s technology and yet the bills were astronomical. It was obsolete so it was not performing, and still it was costing a fortune.

I’d worked for Marston’s for 15 years as a General Manager in the premium division and had used Marston’s Telecoms before. I knew they would provide great service and when I sought quotes from other companies it became obvious that not only could no-one else match that, but they were also more expensive and I didn’t feel a rapport that gave me confidence.

fair, bespoke, efficient and informative

Rob Hattersley, Managing Director

The Response

Marston’s Telecoms carried out a full building walkthrough then provided really good advice that was tailored to our business and our needs. It was fair, bespoke, efficient and informative. Because of the size of the premises the Marston’s Telecoms team conducted a survey to determine the state of existing cabling, the best locations for new data ports, PDQs and printers, and sites for new WiFi access points.

They installed:

  • 2 x fibre connections, one for guests and one for business use
  • a number of WiFi access points that were cabled back to a switch in a secure comms cabinet to ensure coverage throughout the hotel for both guests and staff
  • a hosted voice phone system which was significantly cheaper than the previous system and offered much more functionality 

The whole installation was project managed by the Marston’s Telecoms team.

The Result

The Maynard has 19 bedrooms, a wedding venue for 130 people, a bar that sits 50, a restaurant with capacity for 110 and seats in the garden for 230. So the demands on our telecoms are huge! But the new system is providing a seamless experience for all:

  • guests wanting to relax and get away from it all in this beautiful landscape but still keep in touch with the outside world and have entertainment at their fingertips
  • guests enjoying silky-smooth streaming on their bedroom smart TVs
  • guests conducting Zoom meetings and video conferencing
  • most importantly, with the large volume of customers visiting The Maynard, guests receiving faster service through great EPOS. While they are sitting at the end of the garden, for example, their order is taken on a tablet and goes straight to the kitchen

In the depths of the Peak District there is hardly any phone signal – it is 3G at best – and in an area that suffers from poor WiFi ours is very, very good. That means a lot to our customers and our guest satisfaction ratings. We have fulfilled all our telecoms requirements:

  • the whole site is saturated with secure WiFi and fast internet over two separate networks, private and public
  • the hosted voice telephone system is fully managed by Marston’s Telecoms
  • cabling means the site is future-proofed for any new requirements to come
  • all the hardware is centralised in one secure location within a comms cabinet

the new system is providing a seamless experience for all

Rob Hattersley, Managing Director

The Verdict

With Marston’s Telecoms we have the best of both worlds. They are an agile business with a family culture that gets things done quickly and provides a service that is very personalised and tailored, very friendly and efficient. But they also have the backing of Marston’s plc, which brings security. It has been brilliant. I am signed up for 24/7/365 support so no matter the time or day I can get help from a Marston’s Telecoms helpdesk agent. If I have any issues we are back up online in minutes.

We opened in January 2020 and traded six weeks before the COVID lockdown but we have not only survived, we have thrived. In July 2021 I took on another hotel, The George at Haversage, two miles down the road.

This time there was a much bigger problem. The Wi-Fi signal was terrible, there were not enough boosters and no cabling for the provision of EPOS. One of the biggest complaints on TripAdvisor and Booking. com was that there was no phone signal and guests could not access the Wi-Fi. I did not consider any other supplier but Marston’s Telecoms because their service was so good. Within a matter of days they had reviewed the whole building and come up with great advice and solutions.

My whole experience of Marston’s Telecoms has been fantastic, and I am more than happy to recommend them to anyone.

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