Park Row is an astonishing gastronomic experience inspired by Batman’s Gotham City, the first such DC (Detective Comics) extravaganza anywhere in the world. A partnership between Warner Bros. and Wonderland Restaurants, it is home to five restaurant and bar spaces three floors underground in central London. It draws inspiration from some of Gotham City’s most famous (and infamous) residents and features fine dining, live music, edible helium balloons and the world’s first levitating cocktail!

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Packed with Instagrammable moments and welcoming 499 customers at maximum capacity, this premium immersive experience needs outstanding connectivity to deliver the wow factor to delight every guest … and impress the influencers clamouring to upload instant content to social media. Only tech experts at the top of their game could rise to the challenge. So for Wonderland Restaurants it was a simple decision to call in Marston’s Telecoms, the UK’s hospitality technology specialists. 

I knew of Marston’s reputation in the hospitality sector and as soon as I called them it was clear they would go above and beyond for us. Their deep knowledge and expertise proved invaluable.

Stuart Singer 

The Response

Marston’s Telecoms has provided: a 1GB / 1Gb Ethernet circuit for the best WiFi speeds, stability and reliability, all set up to switch over to another circuit if there is ever a failure; multiple WiFi access points to guarantee coverage; walkie talkies and headsets for staff that work seamlessly across the entire site; a hosted voice phone system; hardware all cabled back to and centralised in a comms cab; installation, testing and commissioning of all equipment; ongoing maintenance and support.

Park Row has been very appreciative on how we delivered this project by:

  • talking everything through in simple terms, explaining how the systems work for those who are not tech experts. 
  • making frequent site visits to understand the grandeur of the venue and the challenges it presented.
  • never trying to upsell equipment that wasn’t needed, instead recommending proven solutions that would give the customer the best value.
  • taking on the role of project managing other IT providers for streamlined, integrated delivery.

The Result

Park Row is now reaping the benefits of the superb connectivity that the business requires to run without a hitch and that our customers love. The ability for them to share amazing moments on social media is crucial to their enjoyment and to spreading the word about the new concept. The Park Row diners are creating content in situ as they film and instantly upload unbelievable moments such as:

  • a dessert with a red rose dipped in liquid nitrogen and crushed on to the plate
  • the secret entrance to a Bat Cave hidden behind a bookcase
  • floor-to-ceiling pulse lighting (referencing the echoes in a bat cave)
  • edible helium balloons
  • cocktails poured from a picture frame
  • a haze mist door way
  • our penguin-on-a-plinth artwork

…and the world’s first levitating cocktail, created in collaboration with scientists from the University College London.

Two TikTok posts alone have together reached 750,000 views!

The Verdict

Marston’s deep knowledge and expertise proved invaluable.

Stuart Singer

With most of the Park Row customers aged 25-44 and heavy social users, they are driving huge numbers of eyes to their concept and heavily depend on resilient technology. Park Row now has a very robust solution with WiFi saturated through the whole premises, five-star support and the peace of mind of disaster recovery when needed.

For more information on how we can help, contact the Marston’s Telecoms team by calling 01902 283 300 or emailing