CASE STUDY: MBS Equipment Co.

MBS Equipment Co. hires outlighting for film and television.The company has been running in the UK since 2015, servicing film and camera-based projects across the country including major film studios and shoots on location. The business moved into larger premises in Colnbrook, Berkshire, in June 2020 and needed a new phone solution. After surveying the market MBS realised that only Marston’s Telecoms could provide what it needed. Simon Roose, Business Development Director, explains.

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The Challenge

We moved premises at the height of the Covid pandemic when many of our clients had stopped working. We are a rapidly growing business and we knew needed to be agile when business started to flow again, whether that would mean staff coming back to site or a large amount of working from home. Our phone system needed to enable that flexibility while also allowing us to easily take and make calls on the go. We needed a system that could cater to a variety of users: directors and heavy telephone users in the office, as well as warehouse staff making the odd internal call and delivery teams on the road.

I scouted 15 suppliers, decided on a cloudbased VoIP system but knew we had to find something to match our specific business needs. We were making these plans at a time of uncertainty but also with the prospect of significant growth ahead. We wanted the visibility to see if a member of staff was already on the phone, to shift call loads between staff working from home and to manage voicemails remotely. Despite the advent of WhatsApp messaging and Zoom/Teams calls, the phone remains an important tool in our industry.

face-to-face conversation was crucial to the superb tailored solution we now have for our business.

The Response

Marston’s Telecoms establish the requirements of their clients for the short term, medium term and
long term to ensure they offer a complete package.

With their guidance, we chose LingoGo as our cloud-based VoIP system. They:

  • produced a full proposal, having listened carefully to our requirements, which explained the benefits of choosing LingoGo.
  • drafted a comprehensive document explaining what information was needed to set up each user, as well as discussing how we wanted calls to be routed.
  • ordered over 100 different phone numbers to ensure consistency within MBS as we grow.
  • ordered and configured 60+ phones off site to ensure each user was part of the correct call group. Because most users were also using LingoGo’s mobile app Mobivo, all users were set up for mobile, PC and tablet use.
  • sent all phones directly to our HQ boxed and labelled to ensure the correct phone went to correct user – we were able to go live the morning after they arrived.
  • completed group online training sessions to ensure all users fully understood the phone system’s capabilities and felt comfortable with the new system.
  • completed comprehensive training for superusers and the admin team so they were confident managing existing users, running reporting and adding users.
  • made direct support available after LingoGo went live to answer any questions or login queries.
  • project managed the whole process.

our admin team say it is the easiest and most user friendly system they have worked with

The Result

MBS now has a fully scalable phone system allowing all users to benefit from LingoGo’s features including collaboration meetings, working from home, 24/7 call coverage when needed and easy call forwarding when users are out of the business. We have a hosted voice telephone platform that our admin team say is the easiest and most user-friendly system they have worked with – and we have reduced our monthly phone bill. 

Working with Marston’s Telecoms it became evident that pay-as-you-go was a better system for us than the inclusive package we started with. It was very helpful to receive an honest appraisal from the team as to what would be best for us. We have already grown significantly and will continue to do so, with the shape of the business very different to last year. We feel that with LingoGo we have a future-proofed solution that will grow with us.

The Verdict

superb tailored solution!

Marston’s Telecoms has a hospitality heritage and we are a film lighting business, but they brought expertise that was just as applicable to our industry and we have learned from each other. The team worked very closely with us to understand our business priorities and how we differ from other companies. They never tried to shoehorn us into a one-size-fits-all approach, and instead we have worked together to create a solution that I could not get from any other supplier.

The Marston’s Telecoms team have been very hands on and very collaborative. I have got to know them with support on a very personal level, I had an introductory chat with the Managing Director, and I know I can call a member of the team whenever I need to. This human face-to-face conversation was crucial to the superb tailored solution we now have for our business.