CASE STUDY: Greenlight Computers Ltd

Greenlight Computers provides a comprehensive range of IT support and Cloud computing services to the UK life sciences sector, working with customers in pharmaceuticals, biotech and clinical research organisations. It runs a single-point-of-service model and operates as a partner for its customers for anything to do with technology. 

The company has 35 staff working across four locations in Manchester, Cheshire and Stevenage and the majority of them are on the phone all day. At the start of the Covid pandemic, they were handling thousands of calls a day. Having totally reliable, flexible telecoms is therefore business critical, and Marston’s Telecoms LingoGo system would prove to be a lifeline.

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The Challenge

Greenlight Computers Ltd had been Marston’s Telecoms customers for four years with a really good relationship. Their staff are predominantly tech people and they are not impressed easily, but they are impressed with Marston’s Telecoms! In 2021 they decided they wanted to upgrade to a future-proofed phone and communications system which would allow remote working, the ability to take calls anywhere and anytime with enhanced call/user management, and help provide even better customer support. As resellers, they also wanted a system they could recommend without hesitation to their customers.

I have absolute faith in recommending them.

John Hayes, Business Growth Manager

The Response

Marston’s Telecoms recommended their new voice/communication platform LingoGo and the process could not have been smoother. Greenlight Computers could instantly see the benefits of migrating and, having agreed the move, the Marston’s Telecoms team trained key users. They were set up to use the system within two weeks and the company have made full use of the software for desk phones, softphones and mobiles. Staff can be literally anywhere and still make and take calls via the smartphone app or via a piece of software on a laptop.

The Marston’s Telecoms service included:

  • Training for end users in every department and full training for key users on the admin aspects of LingoGo to create more effective processes
  • Implementing the call centre module for the 26-strong helpdesk team to enhance customer flow and improve call handling
  • Ongoing support and updates, with the ability for them to contribute to future development of the project thanks to years of technology experience.

The Result

Greenlight Computers have dramatically improved both internal communications and external management/support, and as resellers they are confidently recommending LingoGo to their customers. 

  • Provides a more reliable system for managing calls and communications
  • Offer a simple and effective centralised management with full remote access and the ability to work from anywhere
  • Allows the company to handle hundreds of calls a day to their helpdesk
  • Has much better call centre functionality for our support team to enhance their processes, including call statistics/reporting 
  • Is integrated with their CRM system, so that when a call comes in the customer record pops up
  • Gives helpdesk supervisors more visibility into what is happening in the call queues, so they can move resource accordingly 
  • Empowers staff to be at home with headsets taking calls or out on the road
  • Is proving a game-changer for their customers just as it is for Greenlight.

The Verdict

I really wish LingoGo had been available to us when Covid changed the world. We would have been a far slicker organisation had we been equipped with it then. Marston’s Telecoms are superb, and if we ever need anything it gets done instantly. The technical support is outstanding and I have absolute faith in recommending them.

John Hayes, Business Growth Manager

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