You’re back in business and now for the next step – the complete technology solution

How is your reopening going? 

If indoor reopening has gone well since 17 May, your hotel, pub or restaurant has taken a crucial step towards post-Covid recovery. The next step, however, is arguably even more important. 

It’s making sure customers stay longer and spend more at your venue, come back time and again because they have had such a good time, and rave about you on social media.

And that’s not just about your comfortable beds, sourdough pizza or craft ales, it’s being confident you have the complete technology solution your customers expect.

Drive revenue and delight your customers

What does this mean? It’s about an integrated system that gives you great WiFi and broadband, smooth table ordering, and the ability to gather customer data to offer personalised promotions. 

So you can drive revenue and provide a really great customer experience.

Marston’s Telecom’s is the expert technology provider for the hospitality industry.

Whether you run a hotel or bed and breakfast, restaurant or bar, golf club dining room or cafe in a garden centre, your customers expect seamless connectivity.

Seamless connectivity 

The internet is part of everyday life whether checking the football results, keeping up with messages or streaming videos for the children so mum and dad can relax in peace!

Flawless WiFi that reaches every corner of your venue and robust broadband that withstands demand are essential. Customers may also feel safer ordering at their table or in their room rather than at a crowded bar. Doing so with a portal such as Marston’s Pints N’ Bites is not only quick and easy, it speeds those orders instantly to the bar or kitchen.

The business benefits

If streamlined technology delights your customers, it brings consequent benefits for your business. Here are just some of them:

  1. Strong WiFi coupled with an easy-to-use table ordering portal leads to longer customer dwell time and higher order values. 
  2. Marston’s Telecoms has technology to connect customer orders to your stock management system and automatically place orders with your suppliers when items are running low.
  3. Our Hotspot Wi-Fi portal asks customers to sign in giving their contact details. Collecting this data increases lifetime value through targeted marketing, for example with personalised promotions for Prosecco drinkers or pizza lovers to entice them back with friends and family.
  4. More efficient operations come from staff focused on delivering orders rather than taking them, as well as an increased number of orders because there is less wait time.
  5. Hassle-free speedy payment through a Pints N’ Bites portal means reduced costs as there is no need to staff tills. Staff delivering drinks and orders to tables can therefore invest more time in outlining menu options, highlighting specials, and other promotional information.
  6. People counters can register how many customers come in and when they arrive, with location tracking inside your venue allowing you to design more efficient floor plans.
  7. Digital screens can display ads for upcoming events and special offers.

Now your customers are back through your doors, give them every reason to keep returning.

Contact the Marston’s Telecoms team today by calling 01902 283 300 or emailing’ve been trusted for our technology expertise for over 12 years.