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Hospitality and technology

Developments in the Hospitality Industry and the Technology Inspiring Change

As technology evolves, so does Marston’s Telecoms and the hospitality industry. We are perfectly placed to have an accurate bird’s-eye view of the sector and discover the trends that will influence the market in the coming years, and in this article we’ll be taking a look at eight technologies that are inspiring change in the …

Grosvenor Case Study

The Grosvenor Case Study

Marston’s Telecoms specialise in offering custom E-pub and E-hospitality services, providing sites with superfast broadband, on or offsite telephony solutions, filtered guest Wi-Fi as well as E-POS and CCTV solutions. As Marston’s Telecoms originated from Marston’s Plc, the company has a unique understanding of the hospitality industry in the 21st Century and have quickly become …

People drinking in pub

The Benefits of E-Pub Technology

Ever since they were known as Public Houses, Pubs have been meeting places designed for people to relax and connect in a comfortable space. Methods of connection have certainly evolved since then, but in our modern era, many pubs are still lagging. By not offering free and fast Wi-Fi, you’re ignoring a service that customers …